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Countertops Edges

Once you’ve chosen the countertop material, color and design for your space, the edge profile is the most important decision left to take. This detail is often overlooked and many homeowners wish they had spent more time considering their options.

Your countertop itself, whether in the kitchen or bathroom, is constantly being seen and touched so it’s important to consider the impact your countertop edge will have on the aesthetics of your space. To define your new granite or quartz countertops and the overall look of your space, we’ve created a guide showcasing the various edge design options we offer and help you understand how to compliment the style you’re aiming for.

edge z left
edge z icon


The edge is beveled, not rounded, at the top, often referred to as an Eased profile. Available Depths 2cm/ 3cm/ 4cm

edge zs left
edge zs icon


This angled edge is often called a Bevel.
Available Depths 3cm/ 4cm

edge t2 icon


This simple, yet bold profile has a 1/8″ radius and is sometimes referred to as a double pencil edge.
Available Depths; 2cm/ 3cm / 4cm / 6cm

edge ar right
edge v icon

Full Bullnose

Deeply rounded at the top and bottom of the edge, this profile is sometimes also called a Bullnose or Full Bullnose.
Available Depths 2cm /  3cm / 4cm /6cm

edge v right
demi bullnose edges
demi bullnose edge

Demi Bullnose

Softly rounded on the top edge. Additionally referred to as ½ Bullnose, Demi Bullnose or a ¼ Round.
Available Depths 2cm/ 3cm /4cm

edge fz icon


Our thinnest Ogee profile. Also called a Saskatoon Ogee or Short Ogee. Available Depths 3cm

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